Top Ten Best Wonka Candy

Nerds: It's a classic! I love the smile it brings and the taste it gives! The candy in the huge boxes last forever in the movie theater .

Laffy Taffy: Laffy Taffy is SO GOOD, it has this chewy bubblegum-like flavor and you can just bite in it and save the rest for later.

Fun Dip: Fun Dip is an addicting powder mess that is out of this world! They are so sour and they will have anybody hunt them down to find this candy.

Gobstoppers: I love being able to not eat another one and feeling like I've already eaten a lot of em, so I don't have to eat so many calories.

Bottle Caps: Soda flavored candy without too much fizziness. What could be better,Totally addicting. Can't eat just one, never.

Runts: Candy shaped and flavored fruit,TOO GOOD! Grape flavor is the best.

Sweet Tarts: I love the sour, tangy flavor that keeps me drooling. I buy the stacked paper roll variety and suck on them two at a time until the inside of my mouth is burnt from the acid.

Nerds Rope: Candy of my childhood for cryin out loud,Better than regular nerds.

Pixy Stix: I couldn't ask for more because its full of sugar,Pure sugar who could ask for any thing more.

SweeTarts Soft & Chewy Ropes: This is by far the best Wonka candy, and they are easily one of my favorite candies over any other type. Mine can't believe it's so low on the list.