Top Ten Cenozoic Animals

Mammoth: I wish they still existed. It was a very beautiful creature,They look cool.

Smilodon: Very cool animal. It was probably better and more dangerous than most of today's predators.

Terror Bird: Phorusrhacids, colloquially known as terror birds, are an extinct clade of large carnivorous flightless birds that were one of the largest species of apex predators in South America.

Chalicotherium:Chalicotherium is a genus of extinct odd-toed ungulates of the order Perissodactyla and family Chalicotheriidae.

Silvatherium: Sivatherium is an extinct genus of giraffids that ranged throughout Africa to the Indian subcontinent. The species Sivatherium giganteum is, by weight.

Creodonta: Creodonta is an extinct order of carnivorous placental mammals that lived from the early Paleocene to the late Miocene epochs in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Entelodont: Entelodontidae, the entelodonts, are an extinct family of pig-like artiodactyls which inhabited the Northern Hemisphere from the late Eocene to the Middle Miocene epochs.

Quagga: It was long thought to be a distinct species, but early genetic studies have supported it being a subspecies of plains zebra.

Marsupial Lion: Thylacoleo is an extinct genus of carnivorous marsupials that lived in Australia from the late Pliocene to the late Pleistocene.

Deinotherium: Deinotherium was a large elephant-like proboscidean that appeared in the Middle Miocene and survived until the Early Pleistocene.