Top Ten Favorite Breakfast Cereals

Cinnamon Toast Crunch: The one and only champion. Not sure if any cereal makers tried cinnamon sugar before general mills, but if general best everyone to the punch first.

Lucky Charms: Lucky charms is definitely the best of all cereals, all these other articles are FAKE! How could someone overlook the difference of textures between the sweet marshmellows.

Frosted Flakes: They're great! Delicious powdered sugar on the top of HEALTHY corn flakes. The milk left behind is also part of what makes it super-good. 

Froot Loops: I love it. I would eat it for breakfast-lunch and dinner if I could. One time I told my friend that I eat cereal at night. He said he does not like cereal at night.

Cap'n Crunch: Far better than the current number one, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is positively disgusting and tastes less like cinnamon and more like solidified suffering.

Fruity Pebbles: This is a childhood favorite. The artificially fruity trying to say I'm healthy because I taste fruity. Its...look how sweet a rice cereal I can be without being just sugar flavored.

Reeses Puffs: My last name being Reese, I had to vote for this! I love chocolate and peanut butter, and this combines it into a delicious cereal.

Apple Jacks: This is hands down the best cereal. The taste is just out of this world. Thank you Apple Jacks, for being created.

Frosted Mini Wheats: I seriously can't get enough of this cereal. I go through several large boxes every week. I can eat 2-3 bowls even when I'm full. 

Cheerios: I love honey nut Cheerios. They're the best cereal in the world! Thank you buzz for adding the honey to the Cheerios.