Top Ten Favorite Seafoods

Shrimp: Shrimp are crustaceans with elongated bodies and a primarily swimming mode of locomotion – most commonly Caridea and Dendrobranchiata of the decapod order

Salmon: I would pretty much eat this almost everyday with fried rice and broccoli. This is a great homemade seafood.

Lobster: Lobsters are a family of large marine crustaceans. Lobsters have long bodies with muscular tails, and live in crevices or burrows on the sea floor.

Crab Legs: Crab legs are one of the easiest things to make at home. We'll show you how to boil, steam, broil in the oven, and show you how to eat crab legs too. 

Calamari: If I had to live off of seafood, much of it would be calamari. With a good amount of salt and chilli dip.

Tuna: A tuna is a saltwater fish that belongs to the tribe Thunnini, a subgrouping of the Scombridae family. The Thunnini comprise 15 species across five genera, the sizes of which vary greatly.

Crab Cakes: A crab cake is a variety of fishcake that is popular in the United States. It is composed of crab meat and various other ingredients, such as bread crumbs, mustard, eggs, and seasonings.

Prawn: Prawn is a common name for small aquatic crustaceans with an exoskeleton and ten legs, some of which can be eaten.

Mussels: Mussel is the common name used for members of several families of bivalve molluscs, from saltwater and freshwater habitats. 

Anchovies: Most species are found in marine waters, but several will enter brackish water, and some in South America are restricted to fresh water.