Top Ten Greatest Chocolate Bars

Kit Kat: Crunchy sweet perfection. There is a perfect balance between wafer and chocolate, yet it is so much more than a chocolate coated wafer.

Snickers: Such an icon. All the different components inside make this such a masterpiece. So good! The only thing better than snickers is the snickers ice cream bar.

Twix: Don't get me wrong, I love Snickers too, but crunchy always beats chewy for me. The crunch and then the burst of caramel is simply wonderful. 

Hershey: I suppose this chocolate bar is better than most American chocolate, but Oreo is my fave American chocolate.

Mars: I really like these. Usually I'll come home from school and ask 'Can I have chocolate bar.

Milky Way: There are so many puns that go along with this, also the caramel and chocolate and whatever that crunchy thing is together is AMAZING.

Reese: Yeah my teacher asked the whole class what their favorite candy was, the results, are 75% of the class said Reese. 

Crunch: My favorite, simple, nice tasting chocolate, and crunchy. Just perfect.The best crunchy chocolate ever so sweet.The best crunchy chocolate ever so sweet.

Hershey's Cookies and Cream: I LOVE Hershey's cookies and cream bars! I always loved the flavor of cookies and cream in ice cream and milkshakes.

Cadbury Dairy Milk: This chocolate has awesome taste. I always buy it this chocolate should be top of the list and the dairy milk silk is fantastic mm.