Top Ten Major Events in Roman History

The Assassination of Julius Caesar: Julius Caesar's Assassination is the most infamous event in Roman History.

The Founding of Rome:The Founding of Rome is a very popular legend in its history. According to the legend, a she-wolf raises two twin brothers found on the Tiber River.

The Roman Civil Wars: There were three civil wars in a relatively short timespan. The first, was actually a chain of three mini wars, but they were all related. 

The Punic Wars: The Punic Wars were instrumental in making Rome what it became. In its earlier years Rome was already a powerful nation.

Rome Becomes a Republic and The Founding of Roman Law: In 509 B.C., The Romans overthrew their Etruscan rulers. When they became free they established the Roman Republic.

The Conversion to Christianity: Speaking of Christians, remember when I said the persecution of Christians after the Fire of Rome would come back to bite their butts.

The Great Fire of Rome: On July 19th, A.D. 64, a massive fire broke out in Rome. It was started in a merchant shop outside a chariot stadium. 

The Sack of Rome: In 410 A.D. Rome was sacked for a final time by the Visigoths led by Alaric. After multiple sacks and raids, Rome had finally fallen.

The Edict of Milan: This has to do with Christian Conversion,the Edict of Milan is officially what made Christianity the religion of the Roman Empire and the torture Christians had to go through.