Top Ten Most Beautiful Dragonfly Species

Ebony Jewelwing: It's a species of broad-winged damselfly found in New England, Mid-Atlantic states, and Southeastern Canada.

Tropical Rockmaster: It's a broad-winged damselfly that belongs to a group called azure damselflies, and is found in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Beautiful Demoiselle:  The males have metallic blue wings with metallic blue-green bodies and eyes while .

Scarlet Dwarf: It's a small dragonfly native to Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and occasionally found in Australia.

Flame Skimmer: It's a common dragonfly native to western North America. Males' bodies and wings are entirely red or dark orange, while females are dark brown with thin yellow markings.

Golden-Winged Skimmer: Its colors range from orange to golden-yellow, and it has some golden on its wings (hence the name).

Eight-Spotted Skimmer: It's a skimmer dragonfly found in North America. Males have 8 white spots and some black spots on their wings.

Roseate Skimmer: It's a species of skimmer dragonfly found in America. Males have rose pink and red abdomen while females have orange-brown abdomen.

Golden-Ringed Dragonfly: It's a large, striking dragonfly and is the longest species in British. It's the only member of its genus (Cordulegaster) and is found in United Kingdom. 

Sapphire Flutterer: It's a dragonfly found in Australia and New Guinea. It has dark blue to black abdomen.