Top Ten Most Common Rules at School

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Raise your hand before you speak: In the regular, general and semi-honor sections, they always follow this rule so they could rise to the honors section.

No eating in class: There's a teacher who let me eat in class I didn't get yelled at he was nice the science teacher and the other students were eating too.

Be on task: Task! My class even can fight my teachers back,I always zone out, and I miss all the directions,The rule that nobody obeys.

Keep your hands and feet to yourself: Yea I gotta vote for this one, 2 boys in maths class.

All assignments must be done on time: I agree with this, unless there is a medical reason and/or valid reason to have not done the assignment.

No talking when the teacher is talking: It is right that we should not talk while our teacher is talking. My class seems a little talkative.

Be respectful to other students: I'm in seventh grade and my mom said that my private school is like a big family and I got bullied by all the girls in my class. So what if I hate them.

Get to school on time: Get to school on time helps not missing out classes and being there on time gets you into a routine,Why does it have to be that early? We people need to sleep well.

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No running: This rule is bad I can't gut up 3 levels open my locker gat all the way down go across the field and get to class in 5 minuets without running. I can barely do it with running.