Top Ten Pringles Flavors

Sour Cream & Onion: Sour cream & onion is a classic pringles flavor, sure to keep you eating with exploding taste in every single bite.

Original: There's just something about Pringles that sets them apart from all other chips.Nothing beats Pringles original in my opinion. They just taste great.

Salt & Vinegar: SALT AND VINEGAR! THAT IS MY FAVORITE! I LIKE SALT & VINEGAR ANYTHING! I just all in all love salt, and also vinegar alone.

Barbecue: My fave used to be sour cream and onion but I'm eating the BBQ ones just now and they beat everything else hands down.

Cheddar Cheese: It has the most addictive flavor and is unrivaled in deliciousness when you crunch the first one out of the can after a long time.

Pizza: Can it get better than this? Nope.One of the best flavors obviously.

Loaded Baked Potato: These spuds, filled to the brim with your favorite potato toppings, can almost be a meal on their own. While the full hour of baking is absolutely best.