Top Ten The Fairly OddParents Episodes

Heading 1

Channel Chasers Part 1: The best episode of the series without a doubt. Its time travel story, parody of famous TV shows, and deep message about growing up all fit together perfectly.

Christmas Every Day: Here's 5 FairlyOddParents trivia facts (and the episodes that I found them out in) that are not on cosmo's post FairlyOddParents Trivia Facts.

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965): I watch this every year with my parents on Christmas. Best times of my childhood. I miss it.

Fairly Oddbaby: My Favorite too I love Poof Why do they have to replace him with an dog and a girl,How come this episoide is not banded.

The Boy Who Would Be Queen: This episode could have made Trixie and Timmy best friends and/or become a couple. This episode added a lot to Trixie and it boosted .

The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour: The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour specials are a great example of how to do crossovers right. If only Danny Phantom wasn't cancelled.

Channel Chasers Part 2: Timmy wishes for a magic remote control that will allow him to travel through the television. He soon learns that this remote can manipulate far more than just his TV.

School's Out: The Musical: THIS is what Atlantis Squarepantis shoulda been. The songs here move the plot, are pretty nice to listen to themselves, and have some pretty intelligent lines.

Wishology:  In the end, Timmy and Trixie would make a great couple because they are afraid to admit their true selves and when they do, they're shamed by people for being "weird.

Timvisible: Timmy's shot at the perfect attendance award is threatened by a pounding from Francis. Timmy wishes to become invisible and soon, everyone believes the.