Top Ten Worst Things

A Wasp: I'm petrified of wasps they scare the living life out of me.Something worse, half a wasp.

Dry Concrete: Call a dentist after this stone sandwich, That would hurt like crazy.

A Condom: f you don't know what a condom is then you shouldn't be on here,Put it in your ex's right after you used it with new girlfriend.

A Small Firework: Your sandwich will surely go off with a bang. But if I want that, I just put hot sauce on it. Couldn't be simpler.

Hot Diesel: Hot diesel is not referring to Vin Diesel. It is referring to hot diesel gas that trucks use.

A Miniature Harpoon Gun: So you're saying that if you find a gun and your sandwich and it's going to light up and stuff you're going to be assassinated and it.

Poop: I'm glad there was not a picture of that that's disgusting and inappropriate,But its only half a poop.

Nuclear Waste:  Radioactive waste is a result of many activities, including nuclear medicine, nuclear research, nuclear power generation, rare-earth mining, and nuclear weapons reprocessing.

The Last of an Endangered Species: Which is an Abington Island Giant Tortoise also known as Lonesome George,I would just cry for the rest of my life.

Cheese: American cheese is the worst kind of cheese! How can anyone like it? It's literally just a few molecules away from rubber.