Worst Ice Cream Flavors

Cheese: I hate cheese. I've always hated cheese because I hate how it smells and it's just downright disgusting. That's always been my opinion.

Dog Food: . Humans can NOT eat dog food. They would get very sick and it isn't healthy for them. That's why it's called DOG FOOD not HUMAN FOOD.

Human: Whoever decided that this would EVER be a good idea was either a cannibal or someone with a really sick sense of humor.

Gasoline: Also is gasoline edible in the first place? Just thinking about it gives me a headache.

Garlic: Ok, go ahead and laugh at me, but garlic ice cream sounds AWESOME. and yes, I'm the weird kid who eats plan, frozen pesto sauce.

Coal: This is what Santa gives bad kids for Christmas, except now it's in the form of ice cream.

Horse Meat: I'm Japanese, this is NOT common. It is Japanese but it's not like everyone likes it and eats it, don't blame us for this food.

Bubble Gum: The absolute worst, looks like strawberry but tastes like cancer. Never eat this under circumstance as you may die or have a awful taste in your mouth for a couple years.

Vomit: Even hearing that makes me want to vomit. No wonder where it came from.Vomit-flavored ice cream sounds disgusting.